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In Bride Wars, neither Emma nor Liv would change their venue or wedding date because that is where they were dead set on being married.

In the same way, Bride Wars is a story about two best friends who are going to get married. Tess cut it up so much that she could not have had it pieced back together.

This two movies are similar to each other and also different from each other in their own ways. Confession of a Shopaholic is a movie about a girl who just loves to shop and spends all her money and savings on shopping. They both continue with their wedding planning by making deposits on their date at the plaza, ordering invitations, picking out cakes, and not speaking to each other.

This is also evident in the movie as the two brides become enemies after their dates were mixed up with their wedding planner.

Emma stands up for Liv and says she wishes she were more like Liv. Fast forward about twenty years and the two are still inseparable.

Bride Wars and Sexism

That is why so commonly is films about females you will find that it is usually overtly sexist and very stereotypical in its connotations. They both get engaged at around the same time, together Characters in bride wars essay go shopping for everything needed for a wedding, both looking to create their perfect wedding day.

As Emma enters her ballroom, the video plays of her on spring break. The tension caused by both brides inability to be flexible, even though they were best friends, almost cost them their relationship with each other. While out dress shopping, Emma finds a Vera Wang dress which Liv then tries on and chooses.

Emma then takes the barrette of her hair and puts it in Livs; she then walks Liv down the isle. Anne Hathaway is a popular actress with female audiences of all ages. Synopsis The movie begins with a montage of shots of wedding items from a scrapbook box then a voice over from Candice Bergen tells the story of two girls Emma and Liv who went to the Plaza Hotel with their mothers for lunch in June and saw a wedding.

The two are portrayed as being best friends forever until one does not switch her wedding day after finding out they were to be married on the same day. Emma gets upset and sends out a mass e-mail, which is poorly typed, to her entire address book, except for Liv, telling them all to save the date of June 6th.

Liv and Emma then begin a series of pranks on each other. She goes to a bar with Emma and meets up with two other friends and announces to them she is engaged before the ring is even on her finger.

The message is troubling because it is adding to the ever growing list of movies that present women in a sexist manner. Neither of them will agree to change their date, so they become enemies.

Both posters have a different target market, which explains why they are so different as they are tailored to appeal to different audiences. They are movies about girls and their lives. The next day she is very late to work and shows up with blue hair to present a brief which she has fallen behind on, her boss is unimpressed and she is removed from the case.

Liv is attending her bachelorette party at a strip club with three friends when Emma shows up and steals the show with a dance off and swinging on a rope.

Liv suggests that they toast, but Emma says she is not drinking and Liv says she is not either. One of the things they picked up at the wedding was a hair barrette, which was dropped by the bride.

They get the wedding planner of their dreams, Marion St Clair who turns out to be the wedding planner of their nightmares and accidently books their weddings on the same day!

She has featured in many other films such as Princess Diaries, Ella Enchanted, Devil wears Prada and Brokeback Mountain, again she has a good following. This relates to a scenario in Bride Wars where Emma is proposed to first and Liv forces her boyfriend to propose to her in his office at work the following day.

Besides that, the story line of this two movies also varies from each other. Hollywood producers know that movie goers will not pay to see a film if it does not have some kind of drama or outrageous plot line.

These scenarios also portray that brides will do whatever it takes to get what they want, even if it involves hurting someone that they are very close to. Liv is upset to lose to Emma and drinks several shots.Below is an essay on "Bride Wars" from Anti Essays, your source for research papers, essays, and term paper examples.

One of the things they picked up at the wedding was a hair barrette, which was dropped by the bride. Emma and Liv started a scrapbook box of wedding items including the barrette and even practiced. Compare and Contrast Two Movies Bride Wars and Confessions of a Shopaholic Watching movies is one type of entertainment for people.

People can watch movies to fill up their free time, to relive stress and to gain general knowledge. Alas, if you’ve seen the trailer for Bride Wars, you’ve seen the extent of their battle and even the climax of the movie.

There’re incidents with hair dye, spray tan, cookie grams, and botched wedding dresses. Bride wars again is a romantic comedy based on the wedding pre-apprehensions in this case it's the detailing about the D-Day that drives the two brides and best friends into enmity.

Bride Wars and Year One

Emma and Liv played by Kate Hudson and Anne Hathway are best friends since childhood. Touches of seriousness have no place in “Bride Wars,” which struggles so greatly with its adult dilemmas that the moments of humor feel forced – shoved into the cracks to even out the heartbreak that most won’t be feeling for these cookie-cutter characters.

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Characters in bride wars essay
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